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What human fitness trackers can I link to the FitBark app?
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The FitBark app imports human data from the following platforms:

  • HealthKit (Apple)

  • Google Fit (Android)

  • Fitbit

This means that fitness trackers or smartwatches that sync to those platforms are compatible with the FitBark app. Among others, our compatibility list includes:

  • Apple Watch (entire family)

  • Android smart watches that sync to Google Fit

  • Samsung Galaxy watches that sync to Samsung Health

    • Sync relies on third party apps (guide)

  • Garmin watches that sync to Garmin Connect

    • Sync is native in iOS and relies on third party apps in Android (guide)

  • Fitbit (entire family)

If you wear another watch or fitness tracker that can sync to HealthKit, Google Fit or Fitbit via a third-party app, that will work.

If you don't wear a fitness tracker but use your phone to measure your daily activity via HealthKit or Google Fit, that will work too!

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