Purchases, Returns & Warranty

Checking in on your order? Need help returning a product or with warranty service?

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GPS Subscription, Billing & Upgrades

Everything you need to know about our subscription plans (FitBark GPS only).

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Your FitBark Device

Learn how our physical products work and how to attach them to your pet's collar.

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Pet Profiles & User Accounts

Learn how to manage (one, or many) pet and user profiles.

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iOS & Android Mobile App Features

Everything you need to know about our free mobile apps.

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Activity, Sleep & Medical Monitoring

All the doggie details on how we help you monitor the health of your pet.

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Human Integrations & Watch Apps

Link your human fitness tracker in the FitBark app and download our smart watch apps.

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Learn the details on how your FitBark device syncs activity and location data.

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Battery, Care & Pet Safety

Important details on the battery included in our devices, and the safety of your pet.

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Here are some of the most frequent issues and their steps for resolution.

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Discontinued Products

Thank you for supporting us on Kickstarter! Yes, you can still use your original FitBark.

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Pet Affiliate Program

Excited about FitBark? Woof, nice to meet you!

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Research & Clinical Studies

Enrolling in a study, collecting and analyzing behavioral data.

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Developer API

Learn more about integrating FitBark data sets into your mobile or web app.

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