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Purchases, Returns & Warranty

Checking in on your order? Need help returning a product or with warranty service?

GPS Subscription, Billing & Upgrades

Everything you need to know about our subscription plans (FitBark GPS only).

Your FitBark Device

Learn how our physical products work and how to attach them to your pet's collar.

Pet Profiles & User Accounts

Learn how to manage (one, or many) pet and user profiles.

iOS & Android Mobile App Features

Everything you need to know about our free mobile apps.

Activity, Sleep & Medical Monitoring

All the doggie details on how we help you monitor the health of your pet.

Human Integrations & Watch Apps

Link your human fitness tracker in the FitBark app and download our smart watch apps.


Learn the details on how your FitBark device syncs activity and location data.

Battery, Care & Pet Safety

Important details on the battery included in our devices, and the safety of your pet.


Here are some of the most frequent issues and their steps for resolution.

Discontinued Products

Thank you for supporting us on Kickstarter! Yes, you can still use your original FitBark.

Pet Affiliate Program

Excited about FitBark? Woof, nice to meet you!

Research & Clinical Studies

Enrolling in a study, collecting and analyzing behavioral data.

Developer API

Learn more about integrating FitBark data sets into your mobile or web app.