Adding one dog to a group

From the Home or Analytics screens, click on the green “Plus” next to the group of dogs currently visualized.

Enter a name and a description for the group you are creating. A description is mandatory.

To add a dog to an existing group, go to a dog’s profile and click on “Add More” under his picture.

Adding multiple dogs to a group

  • Go to the Groups page from the left menu

  • Select one or more dogs

  • Click on “Add Selected”

  • Select the group you want to add the selection to

FitBark_Web_Dashboard_Dogs_Added_Success-900x310 | How can I create custom groups of dogs and chart them together?

Charting multiple dogs and groups together

Go to the “Analytics” page and select (on the right) the groups as well as the individual dogs you’d like to visualize on the same chart.

Click on “Update Chart” at the bottom of the page. Groups stats are average stats.

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