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Why does iOS require write permissions for my human steps?
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The FitBark app only "reads" your human steps from your phone (and never "writes" them to your phone, since we don't need to change them). It would therefore make sense that we request a "read" only permission, but that's not the case. Let us explain why.

Because of an Apple policy which we link below, if you only grant "read" permissions to the FitBark app, we are unable to detect that we have been granted such "read" permissions, and therefore we cannot activate the "Together" views in the FitBark app.

Addressing all app developers, Apple explains: "To help prevent possible leaks of sensitive health information, your app cannot determine whether or not a user has granted permission to read data." Read more here and here.

While we hope that Apple will reconsider this choice in the future, for now the only way to visualize your human steps data on the "Together" page is to grant the FitBark app "read" permissions.

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