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Enrolling in a research study or a monitoring program
Enrolling in a research study or a monitoring program
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Welcome to FitBark! You are probably reading this because you just received your FitBark device from your trainer, veterinarian or an entity that administers a study or monitoring program. To participate, you will need an iOS or Android smartphone as well as the FitBark User Email Address of the entity who is leading the program.

Here’s how to set up your FitBark and share your dog’s data.

Setting up your FitBark device

  • Charge your new FitBark for 90 minutes using the cable provided

  • Make sure Bluetooth is on in your iOS or Android device

  • Download the FitBark Mobile App for iOS (from the Apple Store) or Android (from Google Play)

  • Launch the FitBark App and follow the on-screen instructions to create a user profile and a dog profile

Sharing your dog’s data

From the FitBark app:

  • Click on the name of your dog on his home screen (top center)

  • In the dog Menu, select “Manage Users”, then “Add User”

  • Insert the FitBark User Email Address you received from the program lead

  • Select “Vet” (this grants full activity data access and dog profile editing privileges to the program lead)

  • Select “Send” to send the invite

This completes the setup. Every time you sync your dog’s FitBark, the entity administering the study will be able to view your dog’s activity and sleep information remotely.

Revoking data access

After the study is complete, you have the option (but not the obligation) to stop sharing the data. To learn how to do this, head over here.

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