The FitBark Sleep Score measures the quality of your dog’s nocturnal sleep, at a time when you are both typically asleep. A close relative of this metric is what your veterinarian may refer to as “sleep efficiency”.

Based on our conversations with various vet schools and research institutions, as well as certain clinical studies executed using FitBarks (see an example here), we chose to default to a standard 4-hour interval between 1-5am.

If you typically go to bed very early or wake up late, you can customize this time range in the FitBark app.

Click on your dog’s name at the top center of the home screen –> Edit Dog profile –> Sleep Score Interval and select a time range when both you and your dog are typically asleep.

Head over here to review why it’s important to monitor your dog’s sleep score.

What is the Activity Index?

This is defined as today’s activity vs. the average activity in recent weeks.

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