What is the FitBark Health Index?
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The FitBark Health Index is a first of its kind, ambitious, proprietary metric that attempts to tell you how healthy your dog is. The primary elements it analyzes include:

  • Recent activity and sleep patterns (vs. typical patterns)

  • Typical activity and sleep patterns (vs. similar dogs)

For dogs on a stable medical situation, the health index is typically between 70% and 100%. Here are a couple of examples of two extreme cases:

  • A dog in good health who typically places at the top of the curve vs. similar dogs will display a health index higher than 90%

  • A dog who is experiencing a new medical issue and typically places at the bottom of the curve vs. similar dogs will display a health index lower than 40%

The FitBark Health Index is the culmination of our conversations with hundreds of veterinarians and pet healthcare professionals over the past few years. We believe it’s a scientifically sound metric that keeps you honest about the health of your dog and, most importantly, alerts you to symptoms before they become obvious.

Please note that the Health Index requires at least 3 days of continuous monitoring, and won’t appear if your dog hasn’t worn his FitBark for more than a few hours in the past few days.

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