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If my dog is microchipped, why would I need a FitBark GPS?
If my dog is microchipped, why would I need a FitBark GPS?
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We say get both! Your dog’s microchip and the FitBark GPS play perfectly together.

With the FitBark GPS, you get alerted when your pup leaves a safe place, and you can track his/her location nationwide at any time from your phone. This could be priceless if your dog manages to escape at some point. More importantly, FitBark devices monitor your dog’s health and behavior 24/7, potentially enabling you to catch early signs of illness and making better decisions about mobility, anxiety and skin conditions.

Microchipping your dog is your wonderful Plan B because, technology! Yes, you may need a stranger kind enough to take your pup to a veterinarian or a shelter. Yes, it may take weeks, or even months to get your dog back. However, microchips have no batteries to recharge, and do not suffer from cellular network coverage limitations or outages. Long live the microchip!

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