When outside of a Wi-Fi Safe Place, you may expect more or less frequent location updates depending on a few conditions.

When your pet is next to your mobile phone. When the FitBark GPS is connected to an owner’s mobile phone (Bluetooth on and FitBark app open in background), the FitBark GPS will automatically update its location every minute and display small light blue paws. In this mode, the “Find” button is not enabled (similarly to when in a Wi-Fi Safe Place).

When your pet is alone. When the FitBark GPS is not connected to an owner’s mobile phone (via Bluetooth), it will attempt to send its location to our server using the cellular network if a low power location is available (such as Wi-Fi based, cellular tower, etc. ). If there are no third party networks nearby (e.g. in a rural setting), to conserve battery, no location will be sent unless you start a live tracking session.

Live tracking. Tap the “Find Dog!” button in the tracking page to enable updates every minute via the on-board GPS module. To conserve battery, a tracking session will expire 5 minutes after providing the first location.

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