How do Wi-Fi Safe Place entry/exit notifications work?
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Safe Places enable you to be alerted when your pet has left a place that you consider safe for your pet, such as “Home”, “Office”, or the trusted daycares.

We recommend that you set up as many Safe Places as possible with a trusted Wi-Fi network to save on battery while your pet is in that safe zone. You’ll still be notified when your pet’s location is completely outside the perimeter or out of Wi-Fi range and when your pet’s location is back within the Safe Place.

When the FitBark is in a Safe Place, it will enter a lower power state to conserve battery. Therefore, when your pet is within a trusted safe place, the dog’s location will be reported at the center of the Safe Place.

When your pup leaves a Safe Place or is no longer connected to an owner’s phone via Bluetooth, it takes an average of three minutes for the exit notification to be sent to your smartphone. This time allows for the cellular and GPS modules to boot up and verify your pup’s location while minimizing false entry/exit notifications.

Similar to when your smartphone or GPS device powers up, it takes a moment for the FitBark to get a location and connect to the cellular networks.

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