False entry/exit notifications might happen when your dog is in an indoor Wi-Fi dead spot. They tend to happen more frequently during the first 7 days of use of the product (we perform certain system updates weekly), and they are typically associated with higher battery consumption. If after the first week of use you are still receiving false notifications, please consider:

  • Verifying the configuration of your Wi-Fi safe place (is it correctly centered?)

  • Increasing the dimensions of your Wi-Fi safe place in the FitBark app

  • Positioning your Wi-Fi router closer to where your pup typically stays (especially if using a crate)

  • Using a Wi-Fi range extender whose name includes the name of your primary Wi-Fi network (they are fairly inexpensive these days)

  • Inviting other owners to keep the FitBark app open in the background on their phone

  • Positioning the FitBark GPS on top of your dog’s neck (rather than at the bottom)

Need more help or ideas? Please get in touch from the support chat!

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