While we prefer not to comment on other products, we focus on:

  • A small product size (0.6 oz = 17 grams), suitable for dogs of all sizes (including 5 lb and 240 dogs)

  • A flat product design that does not stick much out of the collar

  • A friendly battery life (most pups tend to recharge every 10-20 days)*

  • Easy integration with your favorite human fitness tracker (we even have a Fitbit Clock Face available)

  • The ability to quantify changes in mobility, anxiety and skin conditions (our platform is used by 100+ vet schools and research institutions)

  • A 30-day money back guarantee on all our subscription plans

  • A monthly plan that comes with no long-term commitments

*By setting up multiple Wi-Fi safe zones and linking multiple owners you might go longer (depending on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity)

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