At this time, you have three options for international orders.

FitBark Store United States

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This store ships from the U.S. to all countries except Brazil, India, Mexico, the UAE, the Philippines, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Colombia, Estonia, Malaysia, Romania, Vietnam, China, Isle of Man, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Israel. Unfortunately we haven’t had much luck in getting packages reliably delivered to certain countries, so for the time being we need to suspend shipping as well as servicing of new FitBark devices in those countries.

We offer a free option with UPS (typical transit time: 10-30 days) on orders $15+ as well as a paid option with DHL (transit time: 2-4 days). You’re responsible for any import duties into your country of residence, if any.

FitBark Store United Kingdom

This store ships exclusively to the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) via Parcelforce (free on orders over USD 20).

FitBark Store Australia

This store ships exclusively to Australia via Parcel Post (free for orders over 20 USD) and Express Post.

Please note: If you need warranty service, you must return the product at your own expense, to the address specified by FitBark in the US, Canada, UK or Australia. If you live outside of the US, the UK or Australia, it typically takes 10-30 days (or even longer) to receive the replaced product, with limited tracking available. You can review our Product Warranty here.

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