Enable WPA2-AES security in your Wi-Fi router’s settings and re-program the Wi-Fi Base Station

  • At this time, the FitBark Wi-Fi Base Station supports WPA2 Personal and Unsecured networks

  • We recommend to avoid mixed modes such as WPA/WPA2. If you use WPA2, please avoid AES/TPIK mixed mode

  • WPA2-AES is one of the most secure network protocols, so rest assured your won’t give up network security changing these router settings

Here are a few additional notes:

  • Configuring a Wi-Fi Base Station means to set the name and password of a Wi-Fi network so that when powered via the cable provided, it will be able to access our servers

  • The configuration of the Wi-Fi Base Station needs to be performed only once, since it does remember the last successful configuration profile even when powered off

  • When you plug a Wi-Fi Base Station to a power outlet via the cable provided, it will be in pairing mode for 30 seconds. This is identifiable by rapid blinks at 0.5 seconds intervals to signal that it’s in pairing mode, and programmable through the FitBark Mobile App

  • During programming, the Wi-Fi Base Station stops blinking (the LED is off)

  • If programming fails for any reason, it will enter error mode (identifiable by blinking at 2-3 seconds intervals)

  • If error mode appears after you attempt to configure a Wi-Fi Base Station, it means that the Wi-Fi Base Station is not able to connect to your router (access point)

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