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I don’t have a FitBark account. How do I follow someone’s dog?
I don’t have a FitBark account. How do I follow someone’s dog?

How to follow someone's dog?

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  1. Ask the user to send you an invite to your email address (or your primary Facebook email if you would like to authenticate via Facebook)

  2. Install the FitBark mobile app for iOS or Android

  3. Create a user account using the same email address (or Facebook authentication) where the invite was directed

  4. The app will notify you of an existing pending invitation. Follow the onscreen instructions to accept it and go to the dog profile

    • If the app does not offer you to look at your pending invitations, we were not able to match the email on the account with the one on the invitation. Please go to your email invite on the same mobile device with the FitBark app installed, and click on the link to accept the invitation

  5. The app should directly bring you to the dog profile upon acceptance of the invitation

Note: If the invitation is correctly accepted, but the app does not transition to the home screen for the new dog, please try to force close (“kill”) the mobile app from iOS or Android and reopen it.

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