How do FitBark devices estimate distance traveled?

How FitBark devices estimates distance

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Given the diversity among the various types of dogs, the way they move, and the length of their strides, it’s not straightforward to estimate distance with high accuracy. We analyzed a variety of dogs to provide you with an initial estimate, and you can refine this easily. Just walk your dog and tell us how many points per mile (or km) he or she is getting.

From your dog’s home page:

  • Sync and note down the current BarkPoints

  • Take your dog on a 1 mile/km walk

  • Sync and note down the final BarkPoints

  • Click on the name of your dog on his home screen (top center)

  • Click Edit Distance Settings

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This procedure enables the app to provide a distance estimate customized for your dog, while also helping us learn more about pups just like yours.

Please note: Only owners can change this setting.

Why do small dogs get more points per mile than larger dogs?

Great question! This is entirely normal. One way to look at this is that smaller dogs will take more steps to cover the same distance, hence generating a greater amount of BarkPoints (accelerometer counts).

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