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Error message “Human activity monitor not enabled”
Error message “Human activity monitor not enabled”
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If when you click the human and dog icon in the weekly view to see your dog’s progress next to yours, you get the “Human activity monitor not enabled” error message, please follow the below troubleshooting steps.

  1. Please confirm your Fitbit is linked into your FitBark app. From the Settings menu, select “Human Activity Monitors” and make sure it says “Unsync”. If it says “Add” please add your Fitbit from there.

  2. Open the Fitbit mobile app and confirm your steps in the app are the same of those reported by your Fitbit watch

  3. If so, log into the Fitbit web dashboard and confirm your steps are updated there as well

  4. If so, from the Settings menu in the FitBark app, select “Human Activity Monitors”, click “Unsync” and then “Add”

If you still have issues please reach out from the Support Chat in our mobile and web apps. We’ll be happy to help.

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